play2.jpgPrologue: Leaving Home

Playing time - 12-15 minutes
Please note: Before starting this activity two types of accounts need to be created:
  1. Student wikispaces accounts will be created after students complete the Avatars/Internet Safety Lesson and then complete the form to Request a Student Account.
  2. Student MissionUS accounts can be created by students themselves when it's time for them to play the game on their own. To create an account, you need the classroom code from your teacher's Classroom Page.


Nat provides some background about his family, then leaves home to start an apprenticeship in Boston with the printer Benjamin Edes. Upon arriving at the Edes’s printshop, Nat must read his indenture contract, decide if he wants his father to negotiate any terms, and then sign it.

Key Vocabulary:

Get Inspiration Activity
  • Apprentice
  • Journeyman
  • Master
  • Indenture
  • Contract
  • Printer

Pre-game actvity:Whole class: Exploring Point-of-View / Role PlayClick below to get handout, then print it:
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Play the Game

Note: You need wikispaces accounts and Mission US accounts to proceed. Teachers can sign up for a Mission US account for a class demo by following these directions. Your class code can be found on your Classroom Page. IF students do not yet have accounts, they can do the Post Game Assessment on paper, use the writing prompt to create a journal entry or a drawing.
Play the game

Post Game Assessment: Point of View

Pretend you are Nat. You have just left home to become an apprentice. Explain why you were sent to Boston and how you feel about it. Include as many details as you can remember from the game.
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