play2.jpgMarch of the Apprentices

February 23-26, 1770
15-20 minutes

Intro/Synopsis: Part 3 takes place over four days. Mrs. Edes’s spinning bee on February 23rd is a great success. The next day, Nat accompanies Mr. Edes as he talks to Patriots around Boston about Seider’s death. On February 25th, to assist in preparations for the Seider funeral, Nat posts a broadside announcing the funeral on the Liberty Tree and delivers a pamphlet proof to Paul Revere. At the Liberty Tree, Nat speaks with Phillis Wheatley, who voices support for the Patriot cause and may recite some of her poetry. Nat may also speak with Constance Lillie, who is concerned that the Patriot funeral procession may worsen mounting tensions in Boston. On February 26th, Nat is asked to deliver three bundles of pamphlets to Patriots who can spread word and help gather a large crowd for the Seider funeral. Later that day, Nat attends the funeral procession.


  • Martyr
  • Pamphlet
  • Broadcast
  • Liberty Tree
  • Sons of Liberty
  • Stamp Act
  • King George III
  • Spinning bee

Play the Game:

Post Game Assessment:

  • Have the students take the following survey and discuss which responses would have been Patriotic vs. Loyalist.
  • Enter Online Discussion
  • OR use the following prompt:

SPREADING THE WORD. In Nat’s time, people shared ideas and political views through
discussion, as well as through written messages that were hand-delivered or displayed in
public places. Think about how people share ideas and political views today. What are some
similarities and differences between the ways that we share information today and the ways
that information was shared in Nat’s time?