A Meeting with Fate

March 6, 1770
Playing Time: 5-10 minutes


Nat is called to Faneuil Hall to give a deposition about what he witnessed the night before at the Customs House. Before giving his testimony, he speaks briefly with Constance, Royce, and Solomon, who give their perspectives on the Massacre. After completing his deposition, Nat is given three possible paths. He must choose one and prove that he understands the perspective that path represents – whether it is staying in Boston and becoming a patriot printer; going to New York with Constance and her Loyalist uncle; or sailing to sea with Solomon and leaving the political tensions of Boston behind.

Key Vocabulary

  • Massacre
  • Witness
  • Deposition
  • Patriot
  • Loyalist

Play the Game:

Post Game Assessment:

  • Enter Online Discussion
  • OR use the following prompt:

Based on what you know from the game, which path would you have chosen? Would you have been a loyalist? If so, would you have rather stayed in America to help fight the rebellion or left for England? Would you have been a patriot? If so, would you have fought tried to just stay out of it? Would you have become a pirate to avoid picking sides as was offered to you at the end of the game? Explain your answer and give solid details for your choice.